Adam 'Shuffle T' Woollard

Adam 'Shuffle T' Woollard has been a battle rapper for seven years, and is currently one half of UK Battle rap doubles champions, a title he has held since 2013. He is one of the most watched battle rappers in the UK and has performed in the US, Canada, Australia and all over Europe. 

Adam is also a successful writer and performer.  He was the lead writer at The Hook (over seven million Facebook followers) for three years, and has been involved in many films and shows as writer and performer. The publication of his first book, the Advanced Rhyming Dictionary, is his most recent achievement.



What we did

  • Created a full brand strategy 

  • Partnered with Adam to publish The Advanced Rhyming Dictionary

  • Developed and implemented a full mix marketing plan

  • Created the shuffle-t.com website including online shop

  • Branded merchandise

  • Social media support

  • Helped set up podcast and Patreon account

  • Management services including accounting and representation

What we did

  • Created a brand strategy

  • Developed key messaging and web content

  • Branded merchandise

"Working with Karen was great. She helped us better articulate our offering without forcing us to go through an unnecessarily arduous or expensive process. Karen is logical and get things done and we are delighted with the result."

Rupert Taylor 

Brismo CEO and Founder


Brismo brings efficiency to the market in loans, enabling loan originators to create credible performance metrics, and investors to deploy capital more productively and cost effectively.


They have the broadest market coverage, working with originators of loans - from SME and consumer, to real estate and receivables - and providing market leading performance metrics to a range of investor clients.


Since launching in the UK in 2014 the Brismo methodology has gained traction globally. They now cover over 65% of UK and European marketplace lending, over 50% of US marketplace lending, and are extending coverage to additional geographies, origination models, and loan types. They have recently expanded into ‘direct lending’ and have also created metrics dedicated to reviewing the performance of real estate lenders.



Websites created, managed and hosted

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